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Settling in at Daisy Day Nursery

Settling in at Daisy Day Nursery

Settling in at Daisy Day Nursery

When you decide to leave your child in our care, we arrange a number of free “settling-in sessions” for you and your child.

These sessions are designed to help both of you get used to being apart and allow enough time for your child to get to know their new surroundings, allowing you to get on with your day without worry.

We start off with a short session of about two hours. We invite you to stay with your child so you get to know the team who are caring for your child and go through any questions you have.

When you are ready, we ask you to leave them with us for another couple of hours or so, building up to a whole morning or afternoon. The aim of these sessions is to allow your child to gradually experience nursery life including mealtimes, activities and sleepy times!

You will be introduced to the team when you join us and to help photographs of every team member are on our display boards.

Safe & secure

Safe & secure

Safe & secure

At Daisy Day Nursery, the safety of the children is our priority and the following procedures are in place:

A coded lock on each internal door, only members of staff can access these rooms. Only those listed on your Registration Form will be allowed by staff to collect your child from nursery.

A password system is in use so that in the event of an emergency, we can allow the child to leave with an un-nominated person.

A photo of each of the people who are anticipated to collect a child is to be provided at registration.

Parents are required to let the nursery know (in writing) if the list of nominated people changes in any way. We have CCTV on site for management use.




When children join us, we adapt to their routines, until such a time that they have naturally integrated into our nursery day.

Each age group will follow slightly different schedule and individual routines can be found on the notice board in each room. Your child’s Learning Journey is a display book that is updated throughout their time here. It includes drawings and photos of lots of things your child has done. It’s a great keepsake for you and your child to look back on in years to come.

All nursery activities are planned around learning through play and follow the key principles of the Foundation Phase and Birth to Three Matters. We have a themed approach to planning activities which are both adult led and child led, allowing children plenty of choice.

At Daisy Day Nursery we are committed to ensuring everyone we come into contact with is treated equally. We value and respect the different abilities, cultures, racial origins, religions and languages of the children, their families, staff and all visitors.

All dietary needs are catered for and respected – just let us know on the Registration Form if your child has any dietary requirements.

We provide care through the medium of English and respect the use of other languages. Basic Welsh is introduced throughout the nursery.

Additional needs are respected in the same way and we liaise with local agencies and appropriate officers (ie: Parents; Health Visitors; The Referral Scheme) in order to better cater for the individual needs of a child wherever possible.

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