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Mothers' Stories

Chloe’s mum

Chloe's MumI was very nervous about leaving my first born with anyone other than family members. I visited two other nurseries which didn’t leave me feeling confident about leaving my baby with them and I felt even more nervous about going back to work.

When I first visited Daisy Day Nursery, we were made to feel so welcome as soon as we entered the building – the Daisy staff and managers were very friendly and warm towards us, asking me all about myself and my little girl. It was really comforting that they were so interested in my child and my nerves about leaving my daughter for the first time were fading – I remember thinking how lovely the atmosphere was.

We had a really thorough tour of the nursery and I remember thinking how organised and modern everything Mothers’ Stories looked. I especially loved how much space the children had to play in each room. The little toilets were also very cute and everything had a place. The children looked happy and content – what more could a mother ask for?

Myself and my husband made the decision to leave Chloe at Daisy Day Nursery right after our first viewing – we felt happy to leave her with the staff we had met. However, when Chloe went in for her settling in session, I was very upset and suffered badly with separation anxiety when I left her. The staff were brilliant though – they reassured me that lots of mums felt the same when they first left their children. They said I could ring the room (each room has its own phone so you can speak to the staff directly), as many times as I liked throughout the day to see how my baby was doing. I was invited to sit in the reception area with a cup of tea so I wasn’t too far away but I popped across to Coconuts instead. It was lovely knowing I wasn’t very far from my daughter if needed so I began to relax. Chloe, though, was fine – I was in a much worse state!

When the time came for me to go back to work, I thought I was going to be just fine. But again, I was still very tearful for the first few days and I rang to see how Chloe was nearly every hour. The staff updated me and told me that actually, Chloe was happy and enjoying herself. Gradually, every day got easier for me – the little smile on Chloe’s face when she was welcomed by the staff every morning told me everything!